We're confident that we'll get you better returns on less budget than you're currently spending even when factoring in our fees. The complexities of the AdWords platform now means that even Google recommend you use a PPC agency or certified AdWords professional to set up and manage campaigns, so if you're not currently using an agency, you are guaranteed a better return when using our services 99% of the time!

MCM Net adopts Google approved PPC methods to ensure we get the most out of your Paid Search campaign. We're Google Partners and the entire team are Google certified, plus we've placed ads across all of the social platforms and can advise on the benefits of a fully integrated approach to your spend rather than a narrow focus on one platform. 



MCM Net have not only restored our faith in the digital world but have also proved that there are agencies who actually do what they say they will. The team genuinely want to see us succeed and you can tell they get genuine pleasure from the results of their work.

We are competing with huge brands now, something that seemed impossible a few years ago. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dick Edwards Office Chairs UK
  • 68%increase in converted clicks

AdWords Specialistseven including the MD

The entire Digital Marketing team at MCM Net are Google AdWords certified professionals. As a PPC agency, we’ve been a Google Certified Partner for many years and work closely with the search engine giant to keep up to date with the latest news from the world of Google and get insights into upcoming algorithm changes. Our expertise and passion for AdWords means that we've been able to generate record leads and sales for our PPC clients.

7 Step PPC Processfrom a certified google partner agency

As a Google certified partner we pride ourselves on establishing extremely well thought out, constantly monitored campaigns that optimise your budget and deliver exceptional returns.  For this we follow a 7 step process...

1. Client & Competitor Research

We immerse ourselves in not only your company but your industry, learning about your objectives, industry trends, competitors and USP’s to create a truly bespoke PPC campaign.

2. Keyword Generation

We establish which keywords receive volume and through landing page and product analysis, we can select which would be most relevant to our ad group. Assigning keywords to an ad group is a straight forward process, but it is beneficial to ensure that they are closely related.

 3. Ad Copywriting

Creating compelling ad copy is one of the most important tasks in Pay Per Click advertising. In order to appeal to your audience, it's vital to have a 'hook' or compelling reason why a user should click on your ad, whether that's down to price or any other unique selling propositions.

4. Campaign Targeting

There are times when promoting your product or service nationally isn't suitable. If your business serves a certain area it would certainly be recommended to target your ads within a fixed radius or by town.

5. Campaign Scheduling

Scheduling is useful if you want to target users at certain times of the day. If your business relies more on phone calls during business hours, it is not unusual to want to set a schedule that runs solely 9-5.

6. Campaign Optimisation

 Campaign optimisation is crucial in order to push the performance boundaries. What worked in December will not necessarily work in January, so constant refining and evolution is important.

7. Re-engage

Remarketing allows brands to re-engage with users based on their search intent, driving lost traffic back to your site and providing you with a second opportunity to convert a prospect. By creating a list of users who visited a specific page, we are able to display them very specific remarketing ads that remind users what they could be missing out on.

Testing & Monitoringto achieve sustainable growth

As part of an ongoing campaign development, it is always prudent to be constantly looking for ways to improve your campaign. By regularly reviewing your landing pages, conversions and keywords that do not appear to be performing, we continually improve your ad to ensure you're spending your budget wisely and generating a strong ROI.

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