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Case Study
Young Epilepsy

Project Details
Paid Social Media, PPC
Platforms Used
Google Ads, Display, Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram


Users reached


CPC across all channels

Over 7K

Pieces of content viewed

Implementation and Results

As part of an internal initiative, Young Epilepsy were launching a brand new platform. The platform was designed to help young people with epilepsy get the information they needed and eventually bring those young people together through chat and content creation.


MCM Net was tasked to create awareness of the platform, promoting it to children and young adults with epilepsy helping to drive traffic for new and returning users. Having worked with a large number of charities in the past, we understood how delicate budgets and performance can be, so we ensured that a high level of efficiency was woven into the plan.


To achieve this we took a wide angled approach, encompassing various channels to ensure that we were able to reach these users and make them aware of the platform. This included a series of visual, audio and text ads that would not only raise awareness, but also educate the user on how the platform could help them, and promote the great content that was available.


In the process of doing this, we ventured into areas that the Charity had not gone before with YouTube, Google Display and Spotify ads. By doing this we managed to reach over 5m users from these channels alone, helping empower not only the external perception of the platform, but also internally at Young Epilepsy.


During the first few weeks of the campaigns, we quickly saw that there was a clear attraction to the platform, with over 4.5K users clicking through to the site. This trend continued throughout the campaign helping us raise awareness to over 7m users and attracting 17.8K clicks to the platform. 


Google Search played a pivotal role in the success of this campaign, due to the number of users that were searching for content on epilepsy, especially in children. Terms themed on ‘Support’ and ‘Children’ were able to drive CPCs in excess of 8% and drove the core of the platform’s traffic. Using this information and a wide range of other metrics, we were able to tailor the campaigns across all platforms to ensure that the quality and efficiency of the traffic was at its highest.

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