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Case Study
Mini MBA

Mini MBA logo with image of Mark Ritson in greyscale
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Project Details
Paid Social Media, PPC
Team Comment
"For Mini MBA, we achieved an 85% drop in CPC across all google owned platforms, a result which I am extremely proud of." - Toby


Increase in Bookings


Cost Per Impression on Spotify


Click Through Rate across Social

Implementation and Results

The Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. Covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in just 12 lessons.

Mini MBA approached MCM Net in May 2018 to run their acquisition campaign for the September course. Since then, MCM Net have run the April 2019 acquisition campaign, three September 2019 campaigns and launched a new campaign for the Marketing Week Leadership Masterclass.

Mini MBA is the largest scale campaign MCM Net have worked on under the Centaur umbrella; with this in mind, the team have committed to developing highly innovative strategies that strive to broaden Mini MBA’s reach while maintaining efficient spend and delivery targets.

In April 2019, MCM Net introduced a number of new advertising platforms, including Spotify, Gmail and LinkedIn InMail. These initiatives have demonstrated promising results, with Gmail generating a 13.4% open rate and LinkedIn InMail returning a 78% CTR.

The team also ran a short burst of activity across international locations to test engagement rate, which generated a promising number of conversions. 

The April campaign offered a 62% increase in bookings between 2018/2019, while the September campaign saw a 106% increase in bookings from 2017/2018.

MCM Net were able to deliver exciting results and data-driven insight that will drive further innovation, optimisation, and streamlining of future campaigns.

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