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Case Study
Iceland Car Rental

Project Details
PPC, Paid Social, Organic Social, Content & SEO
Platforms Used
Google Ads, Display, Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram


Increase in bookings

5,000 +

Visitors to blog content


Google Ads campaign ROI

Implementation and Results

The key to our success has been to build a strong and trusting relationship with the team at Iceland Car Rental. In what is a very competitive market, we began our association with Iceland Car Rental by identifying their unique selling points and making sure these were reflected across the brand. Using our knowledge of the car rental market in Iceland, we have devised a digital marketing strategy to help them generate sales consistently and efficiently. With so many competitors in the car rental market in Iceland, it is vital to make sure the returns outweighed the costs and this has been the foundation of everything we’ve looked to achieve.

We have taken an holistic approach, taking on management of PPC and paid social campaigns, organic social media, website content and SEO. By ensuring that potential customers are reached across many touchpoints and all along their purchase journey, we’ve helped Iceland Car Rental grow not just in terms of sales, but their brand too. Our strategy has been to focus most of our efforts on key markets that bring in the majority of bookings such as US, UK and Europe. However, we have also reaped success by marketing the brand to other countries where bookings may be fewer but are a lot less competitive, resulting in positive returns.

A key part of our strategy in 2019 was to help Iceland Car Rental develop a content hub whereby they could share key information with their users and attract an audience of potential tourists while they were researching about Iceland. There are now 89 blogs on their site, helping attract over 5,000 visitors during the second half of 2019. Topics include Driving in Iceland, Dining Out, Wildlife, Nature, Clothing, Culture and Seasons & Climate. Content was planned, researched, written and optimised by our in house team.

While the global pandemic has meant tourism has been severely impacted everywhere in 2020, we remain committed to helping our clients in the tourism industry to come back stronger.

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