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Case Study
Alcohol Change

Carer talking to a man
Alcohol Change UK Logo
Project Details
Paid Social Media, PPC
Platforms Used
Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Bing


app installs


users driven to the site

3.1 million

impressions generated

Implementation and Results

We were briefed with generating the largest amount of app installs possible for Dry January. It was important that we reached a diverse range of users, particularly across Gender and Age divides. 

We were also tasked with generating traffic to the website (as some users prefer to sign-up over email rather than use the app), and also to generate donations.

Before the main campaign went live we created an extensive test campaign to work out the most effective age groups within each targeting options, along with the most effective ad copy / creative to pair with this targeting. This test allowed us to automatically remove inefficient targeting options and creative before we pushed a large amount of spend through the campaign. This allowed us not only to increase efficiency straight away, but also allow us to focus on optimising the main campaign to a greater level. 

Within the campaign we led with two distinct types of content – Meme and Brand-led messaging. The Meme messaging allowed us to be both playful with the messaging whilst receiving an underlying boost to performance based on how wide-spread the imagery already is.

The brand-led content, on the other hand, allowed us to present a more serious version of the product, which we thought would be more applicable to the older section of the audience who may not be as familiar with the meme content as younger users.

Interestingly, we found that all age-ranges responded well to the meme-led content (although this out-performance was lower amongst older audiences). 

With app-install tracking installed and fine-tuned throughout the test period we were able to track, and optimise for, the best cost-per-install possible. This was particularly important on Paid Social where we generated the bulk of the performance.

Overall we generated an amazing 30% of the total Dry January App Installs generated across the festive period with over 19,000 installs generated from the campaign, alongside over 46,000 users driven to the site

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