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It can be challenging to think up new creative content for social media whether that being exciting new campaigns or just drafting up some social media captions for your channels. However as tough as this can be it is essential work. Fresh, new creative content helps to attract new users, as well as keeping the focus of current followers. The last thing you want is for your social media profiles to become stale and outdated – a combination that never ends well.


Organic increase on Twitter followers


Increase in organic Twitter impressions


Increase in engagement on Twitter

What are the benefits of Social Media Content Creation?

There are a number of great benefits to taking the time to carefully and strategically create more social media content. For example here are a few of the top advantages;

Keepin’ it Fresh – spending time creating new social media content helps to keep your social feeds fresh and exciting, meaning your profiles will become more appealing to users.

Engaged Followers – constant innovation and creative thinking around your social media profiles can draw interest from followers, making them keen to see what you’ll post next – making them even more likely to engage and interact.

Stay Organised – creating content and drafting social media posts means you are pre-planning the content you wish to share. This takes away the stress of having to think up new content on the spot.

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According to CMI, over 60% of businesses who have a documented strategy feel they produce at a higher level in terms of content marketing effectiveness, in comparison to 32% of those who have no strategy.

What results can I expect?

Taking the time to put together a social media content strategy and a creative plan for new content will result in some brilliant outcomes for your profiles, including;

Innovative Feed – this will help keep your social media profiles looking slick and stylish. New content helps keep your brand looking fresh, and up-to-date – will which appeal to more users.

Profile Growth – posting new and exciting content frequently will help get you noticed by more people. Increasing the likelihood that more users will discover your page and choose to follow and share your content.

Increased Engagement – by creating new innovative content for your social media platforms you are more likely to share more content that users will want to engage and interact with.

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Our in house Social Media content and creative teams will help take your social media to the next level, get in touch. Our expert Social Media team can help you with any questions you might have.

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