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Spotify Advertising Agency

Spotify advertising is a unique platform as it allows you to interact with customers in a personal way both visually and aurally. With 156 million free users, your ads have the potential to be served to a large audience and can’t be skipped. As a spotify advertising agency, it is our job to help you raise awareness and generate leads with high quality creative.


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What do Spotify ads look like?

Spotify offers a number of ad formats so that you can reach your customers in the best way. Choose from formats like…

  • Audio Everywhere: Your ads are played between songs, and also lets users see your brand’s message.
  • Takeover Ads (visual): Between songs, a video is played, including your brand’s messaging.
  • Sponsored Sessions: Ever been told when listening to Spotify Free that if you listen to an ad, you’ll get 30 minutes of ad-free playtime? That’s a Sponsored Session.
  • Song Playlists: This option allows your brand to create a bespoke playlist, which helps to create a personality for your brand.
  • Overlay Advertising: If you’re familiar with Display Ads on Google, Overlays are similar. An engaging graphic appears on in the Spotify app.
  • Home Page Take Over Advertisements: This type of ad lets your brand’s message be seen on the homepage for 24 hours.
spotify ads

Spotify is a great alternative to traditional radio advertising. With more than 150 Million Free Users, Spotify is fast overtaking traditional radio stations and is the most listened to station in the UK. With 44% of users listening daily,  Spotify is a massive market that you don’t want to miss out on.

What results can I expect?

As an experienced paid social agency, we’ll work with you to create a Spotify campaign that will deliver concrete results that will benefit your business in real-time by…

  • Driving traffic to your website – A Spotify advertising campaign drives a significant amount of traffic to your website. We target the right people who will not only be engaged with your ads but will continue their journey onto your website. 
  • Boost your brand awareness – Spotify marketing is a fantastic way to make your brand known to an entire group of people you may otherwise not be able to reach in a cost-effective manner. 
  • Generating leads that convert: It’s great to drive people to your website and build brand awareness, but then what? As a Spotify marketing agency, we ensure that users are delivered a campaign that encourages them not only to engage and learn about your brand but to actually become a customer.
spotify ads

Ready to get started? Our Spotify advertising experts are waiting in the wings to help you master this powerful platform. Get in touch with us today to find out if this is the right platform for your business.

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