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Pinterest Advertising Agency

Boasting more than 322 million users, there are endless untapped opportunities for businesses eager to advertise on Pinterest. Known for sharing pretty pictures, baking fails and DIY inspiration, there’s actually a lot more to Pinterest than meets the eye and it makes for exciting results with many businesses. 


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What do Pinterest ads look like?

With Pinterest, you have plenty of options when it comes to the type of campaign you’d like to run so that your approach can be aligned with your goals. Pinterest ad formats include…

  • Brand Awareness: The perfect approach for getting your brand’s name out there. Introduce who you are to your customer base and get them engaging with you.
  • Conversions: This campaign approach allows you to optimise for a variety of conversions, like purchases, add to cart, sign up, download and more.
  • Video Views: People love video content, and it makes for brilliant creative with Pinterest ad campaigns. This format helps you get as many views on a video as possible, from users most likely to convert.
  • Shopping Catalogues: Here, you can help users to discover your range of products while they’re browsing Pinterest. An ad appears to them showcasing some of your top products.
pinterest advertising agency

Pinterest is an option that many businesses are considering. In fact, 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest, and as a platform that’s not as flooded by advertisements as Facebook, it’s a great way to stand out amongst your competition. 

Where can Pinterest ads appear?

Pinterest has more than 322 million active monthly users but is much less saturated by advertising than other platforms like Facebook Ads. You can place Pinterest ads in the following sections;

  • Home FeedUsers will see your ad displayed within their Pinterest home feed. The ads are styled to look like an organic pin, but they are marked as “sponsored.”
  • Search ResultsSimilar to home feed ads, but these appear in search results when a user has conducted a search within the platform for something specific.
  • More AreasUsers are given a suggestion to similar content that they tend to engage with. Ads can also appear in this section.
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Ready to embark upon your Pinterest advertising journey? We’re here to help. Get in touch with us now and our paid social experts will be only too happy to help. 

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