Don’t be fooled into thinking that your mobile strategy can wait as "it's only mobile users that are missing out". If you haven't done so already, this is something that urgently needs considering in 2017 as the gulf between mobile & desktop is just going to increase. Afterall if you're not there, one of your competitors will be…

Mobile devices are now being used for much more than just communicating with people. They are being increasingly used for social networking, browsing the internet and also shopping, which means you can’t ignore the importance of mobile.

84% of small businesses who have invested in a mobile presence say that they see immediate and long-term benefits.

Mobile marketing strategywhy its important


Mobile marketing is vitally important because:

  • Nearly half of users’ time online is spent on mobile.
  • Most journeys start on mobile and finish on desktop.
  • Mobile searches exceed desktop searches.
  • Search engines favour mobile friendly sites over those that have not been optimised for mobile users.

Having a clearly defined mobile marketing strategy allows you to specifically target mobile users, with the correct message at the correct time.

Benefitfrom our years of experience

Years before mobile marketing became fashionable, we at MCM Net had a mobile first approach and have the experience to implement a mobile strategy that generates demonstrable returns on investment. As part of our mobile marketing service we:

  • Make sure that your website is fully optimised for mobile (responsive).
  • Implement a mobile-centric user journey.
  • Optimise your website and ‘keywords’ for Google’s mobile index.
  • Implement paid campaigns specifically directed at positioning your products and services to mobile users.
  • Create mobile specific email marketing campaigns that target users on the go.
  • Analyse and feedback on the results achieved and continually refine and adjust the strategy as necessary to deliver against the agreed KPIs.

Our results based, conversion driven process has worked for many of our clients and would work for you as well.

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