Search Engine Optimisation

Making your site work harder

It is no longer enough to have an amazing website. To be successful online, it's key to partner with an SEO agency that understands your business, your competitors and the marketplace in which you operate.

All of our SEO campaigns are bespoke and tailored specifically to our client's needs prior to signing up; we analyse your market, your competitors and your website to formulate your strategy.

We're a forward thinking agency with experience across the full digital spectrum. Having an all-encompassing knowledge of search and the web allows us to think holistically about your approach; focusing on conversions and sales, rather than just that traffic vanity metric.

Honesty and transparency is incredibly important in any relationship moving forward; more so when it comes to SEO. We work hard to build a relationship of trust and transparency so you're fully aware of what's involved to achieve strong organic results. We do not use short-term or underhand techniques and our focus is centred on a methodical and ethical 5 step process.

Find out how MCM Net can help grow your business online through Search Engine Optimisation by getting in touch with us or requesting a call back.

Keyphrase Analysis

Keyphrase analysis establishes which keyphrases potential customers are using to find your products and services and for which your site needs to be achieving strong natural results.

We'll work with you to select the keyphrases that will generate increased search engine traffic and a maximum return from a business perspective.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding competitors and their SEO activities can provide several benefits to your SEO campaign. We'll analyse the backlink profiles and benchmark your performance against competitors to steer your SEO campaign in the right direction.

On-page Optimisation

Having established the phrases your audience is using to find your products or services, on-page optimisation is the process which ensures that your website appeals to search engines when users search for such phrases.

We'll ensure that your website content is written in a way that is appealing to users and to search engines for the given phrases; optimising the Meta fields, images and alt tags and ensuring the site structure and URLs are all friendly for search purposes.

We'll also ensure that your site load speed, HTM structure and internal link structures are all optimal for search purposes.


We explicitly do not 'buy links', but instead build citations through outreach and offering quality content to webmasters. Our outreach strategy is based on offering a diverse range of content that adds value both to webmasters, their readership and your company.

We achieve this firstly through creating engaging content, and secondly through our online networking efforts. Our content consists of engaging and thought-provoking articles and blogs, infographics, social media and niche industry directories.


In addition to a weekly report highlighting outreach opportunities and acquisitions, you'll receive a monthly report that analyses exactly what's happening on your site; what pages your users are engaging with, what search terms you're being found for and other important metrics including bounce rates, shopping cart abandonment and time on site.

In fact, our reports are bespoke and we're therefore able to report on additional metrics should you wish for us to do so.